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Mitra School of Nursing, Udupi
Late Shri N.G.S. Holla

A Vision Realised

Late Shri N. Gopal Holla (photo on left) was known as a pioneer in the hotel industry in the last century and has been instrumental in spreading the message to all corners of India and even abroad. It has been a known fact that Udupians have been managing the best hotels in India and abroad. Mitra Samaj Group of Hotels hold the place of pride among Shri Holla's units.

Mitra Group of Concerns was established way back in 1947 by the late visionary, Shri Gopal Holla in the name and style of "Mitra Samaj" which means "Friends Society". Over the years, the group became well-known for its service in the hotel, hospitality and medical fields.

Mitra was the first private hospital to be launched in Udupi district in 1987 under the guidance of Shri Gopal Holla, who believed good health is a nation's greatest blessings. "Care, Concern, Commitment" have been Mitra's guiding principles ever since its inception and the present generation of Mitra Group have added hard work and determination as their basic qualities in their profession.

Mitra Hospital has today become a household name. Continuing the tradition, Mitra School of Nursing was established in 2005.

"Mitra" means friend; a friend who takes care of the common man's health care needs.


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